Can not open Komodo Edit 9 in windows xp

After install Komodo Edit 9 in windows XP, it works fine. But when i close it and reopen “Not a Vaild WIN32 Aplication” error given.

After uninstall and re-install, it can works the first time start.

I also checked my Antivirus, not found any files been delete. And all the other exes works fine, it is very strange,

System requirements for Windows: Windows 7 or later, including Windows 8.
You can view them here:

oh, so any old version support windows xp? Otherwise i have to upgrade my system. :worried:

Komodo 8 supports XP, but it’s better to upgrade your system.
Yeah. XP was good, but it’s too old to provide any support for it. Most of the soft won’t support XP anymore.

If you have win xp, delete shortcuts created during install and create a new shortcut from where komodo is installed, like in : “C:\Program Files\ActiveState Komodo Edit 10\lib\mozilla\komodo.exe”.
It is verified! :slight_smile:


Thank you Million Timeees ^^
I’ve been looking for a solution for weeks now <3 Thank you :smiley: