Can not install new color scheme

I’m trying to follow the instructions in to add a new color scheme such as

I’m running Komodo 10.2.3 on Windows 7

According to the instructions, I am supposed to store the .ksf file into

C:\Users\fisrona\AppData\Local\ActiveState\Komodo Edit\ActiveState Komodo Edit 10\schemes

However, there is no directory named schemes at this location. The parent directory exists though.

Of course I could create a schemes directory, but since Komodo already does have several color schemes installed, I suspect that the instructions on the website are not correct and I have to install the .ksf maybe at a different place…

Hi, you should just be able to drag-and-drop the .ksf file onto Komodo directly in order to install it.

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Extending Mitchell’s response. If you haven’t installed any third party schemes then the schemes folder will not be created. Any schemes that are shipped with Komodo are in the Komodo install directory and do not need a schemes folder in your user profile.

  • Carey
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