Can I check UTF8 flags when debugging a Perl script?

When I debug a Perl script, I can check the content of a variable. But I can’t check if that variable’s UTF8 flag is on or off. Is there any way to check UTF8 flag’s states with KOMODO IDE’s debugger? (Hopefully, without adding “print utf8::is_utf8($hoge);” to the script”)

BTW, when we write a Perl script that deals with non-western and multi-bytes character languages like Japanese and Chinese, it is very important to know if Perl recognizes the variable as characters or just bytes. To know that, we have to check the UTF8 flag! Because some Perl modules return characters (with UTF8 flag on) and some modules return bytes (with UTF8 flag off), it would be great to check UTF8 flags with the debugger.

Thank you.

Hi, you should be able to open a terminal shell while the debugger is paused (on a line) and you can type that command into the shell prompt to determine the answer to your question. The icon is in the bottom panel to the right of the “Start, Pause, and Stop” buttons.