Calltips for custom functions in Komodo IDE 12


Calltips about function parameters seem to be working for standard functions


But not for custom functions


This particular example is from PHP, but it is the same for JS.

In Komodo Edit it looks like this

So, is having no such calltips for custom functions an expected behavior for Komodo IDE?
Or if there a specific setting/key, or am I missing something?

Hi @Tanker, Komodo IDEs code intel is a complete re-write so though there should be feature parity, discrepancies are present. Also note that over the last little while a community user has contributed quite significantly to the Komodo Edits PHP code intel implementation so it’s quite possible that Edit’s code intel has better support now. Some of those changes I was able to merge into the IDE code base but many just didn’t map or didn’t map without significant effort which I can’t devote to Komodo.

What might solve your problem is add PHP block comments. Same goes for JS.

  • Carey

Hi @careyh, thank you for the explanation.
Could you also let me know, what exactly PHP block comments (which may be helping in my case as you mentioned) do you mean?

Hey @Tanker,

I misspoke, the term is PHPDoc comments, not block comment:

 * This is a Summary.
 * This is a Description. It may span multiple lines
 * or contain 'code' examples using the _Markdown_ markup
 * language.
 * @see Markdown
 * @param int        $parameter1 A parameter description.
 * @param \Exception $e          Another parameter description.
 * @\Doctrine\Orm\Mapper\Entity()
 * @return string
function test($parameter1, $e)

Hi @careyh,
That’s clear now. Thank you!