C# Plugin?

Is there a plugin for C# for Komodo? Edit IDE?

What are you talking about? Auto-abbreviation for C#? Compiler? Color Syntax?

Auto Completion, syntax checking mostly compilation would be great as well. If this functionality is built in already I just need to know how to “activate” it. It’s worth mentioning that I’m posing the question b/c I don’t see C# as a project type when I start a Komodo file / project.

I think Komodo IDE is not best editor for C#. It’s work perfectly with HTML, CSS, LESS, PHP, Python, Python3, Ruby, JavasScript, Perl and other web-languages.

Thank you for the info; Is there an IDE / editor you would recommend for C#, that has VI / VIM support as well?

Sorry, I can’t recommend editor for C#, because I don’t coding on C#. I think you can find something info about VIM and C# here: http://www.ilker.de/using-vim-for-csharp-development.html
Or if you understand russian, you can read this: http://habrahabr.ru/post/67151/
If not, I think you just need the links from this article.

I appreciate it I’ll check it out. Thanks again for your time.