C++ Features


Komodo is my favorite IDE for HTML, CSS, JS, and PHP. I am learning C++, and I would love to write my code in Komodo too, (I have tried lots of other editors, Qt, Codeblocks, and several more, and don’t care for them as much) but you can’t compile or run them from inside Komodo. Is there any chance of this feature being added?

Thank you,
Matt Volpe

Komodo is not best choice to work with C++ code. It’s a very powerful IDE for HTML, CSS, JS, Python, PHP, Ruby and some another web-languages, but not for languages as C++, C#, C, etc.
So I think there are no chances…
But you simply can write new command for building and running current C++ code by opening right pane, clicking right mouse button -> Add -> New Command...
You can use %f in Command input to get current file (for example: gcc %f -o %b && %b, if you file named as myprogram.cpp and placed in /home/me/ you will compile /home/me/myprogram and run it).
If you want to see other % variables - click on arrow after Command input.

Whilst full C++ support would be a nice addition to Komodo - it’s simply too much work for the current Komodo development roadmap, so I don’t think you’ll see this feature anytime soon.

Heh… Maybe someone could do this work? :smile: