Building a new testing framework integration

Hey there, long time Komodo IDE user here.

I’ve recently started using the test plan integration of Komodo for PHP development, and absolutely love it, however it’s using a rather old version of PHPUnit.

I’m curious whether there is any documentation on how to build a new integration of a testing framework into Komodo? Specifically, I want to integrate this: into it :smile:

Ideally, I’d also like to update the PHPUnit version Komodo relies on (and fix it’s path searching so that it finds and runs the Composer installed version of PHPUnit without having to add the path manually in every project).


I am not sure if answering is still relevant: it’s a bit of time passed since you’ve asked :grinning:
I’ve never used codeception myself. But it looks like using it via Komodo IDE’s GUI is possible. I’ve just briefly cheked on tests launching process at Codeception Quickstart Guide and I am pretty sure there will be no major technical issues to make it work.

As Mike said, this may not be relevant anymore, but I recently posted about how to get PHPUnit to work with OSX (not yet tried it on Linux or Windows). The method I used uses the latest version of PHPUnit and (so far) works like a charm.

Details in this post: Guide to setting up PHPUnit

I am on windows but did not use Komodo 9 yet. So my utility (shared here) for PHPUnit 4+ covers only Komodo 7 and 8. Still I think the way v9 tries to start testing is the same (actually it should be either same or very close) since what’s needed to be done is start php script and pass arguments that contain phpunit command options.
This means codeception can be launched (on any version of Komodo), this would enhace abilities for functional testing.
But there is a more important option that Komodo lacks – employing deeper GUI abilities for setting up test launching and configuring. And a possibility to launch testing in debugger mode, too. The later would make impossible cute output of the results via Komodo GUI but would benefit in terms of convinence.