BUG? Modyfing a file with Komodo Edit deletes alternate data streams


Let’s say I have a file file.txt (like created by ECHO 123 > file.txt) And this file has an alternate data stream, let’s say file.txt:abc (created by ECHO 456 > file.txt:abc).
If I modify file.txt with Komodo Edit, the ADS file.txt:abc gets deleted (expected result would be, that the ADS still exists without any changes - this happens like that for example with MS Notepad or “Programmer’s Notepad”).

Is that a bug? Or is it on purpose (since the majority of editors seem not to care about ADS)?

Thanks in advance!

Hi there!

Looking at where the file gets opened followed by where that call is implemented, it looks like we’re not doing anything magical there. Going deeper, it looks like a plain _wfopen() underneath that too. I was expecting from the description that we might have been doing some rename-into-place magic to avoid issues with failed writes clobbering data, but it doesn’t look like the case…

Could you open a github issue so we can track this properly? Thanks! Not sure how soon we get to it, though :expressionless:

Thank you!
I’ve opened an github issue here (#337).