Browser Preview and WYSIWYG

Dear all

I’ve written already few php scripts but I’m still a beginner with some experiences and I’m also new in using Komodo (used before PSPad). Can some explain me the difference between the browser preview and WYSIWYG?


Where you find WYSIWYG in Komodo?

Browser preview just previews your changes, it shows you the actual result of your code. WYSIWYG “attempts” to preview your code whilst allowing you to edit it real-time, but it almost always produces messy and inflexible code.

We do not, nor will we ever, have WYSIWYG functionality.

But why? It’s a hard to do or this feature is really bad?

He answered that here Defman1:

This would also be a massive undertaking to implement and wouldn’t benefit people that use Komodo. Komodo is meant as an advanced editor. WYSIWYG tools are meant for beginner or non-professional users, so not our demographic.

  • Carey