Breakpoints not working

I’m using version 12 (latestest as of today) of Komodo IDE (free version). I’ve set break points and set it to use Remote Debugging with chrome. But it does not stop execution at those break points.

I’m getting this error that my page is unavailable for debugging

Here’s a video of the problem

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Hi again @Clay_Nichols,

Thanks for the video. That was extremely helpful. I believe you’re hitting the limitation noted in the docs that breakpoints can only be hit through event driven code.

Try adding an element to the page, writing a short function that calls console.log then set it as the onClick attribute of the element.

Something like this should hopefully work:

<!DOCTYPE html>
	var blah = () => {
		console.log("pizza");//  A breakpoint here should work
    <button onClick="blah()" type="button">click me</button>
  • Carey

Sorry @Clay_Nichols, forgot about error you mentioned. I THINK there is more to that msg if you scroll the output up more. I got the same one and it was warning me that I had Chrome running already and it likely wouldn’t work so I killed all my Chrome windows (I thought I had already done that but this time made super duper sure) and this time it worked.

So check Task Manager for any hiding Chrome instance.

Also, I note that you set chrome.exe as your “Bower” executable. I’d remove that. That shouldn’t be set to chrome.exe.

  • Carey