Bookmarks could include column position as well as line position

If your edit cursor is not at the very beginning of the current line when you set a bookmark, then when you go back to that bookmark, the cursor is positioned at the very beginning of the line, and not where it was when you set the bookmark. It would be better if a bookmark includes not just the current line but the current column position, so when you go to that bookmark you end up in the exact place you were before.

I don’t believe this is possible, and it is not how this feature was intended to work. The bookmark is intended to be for the line, not a position on a line.

I don’t think there’s any harm in making it position specific if it is a simple tweak, but I doubt that’s the case.

In many cases there would be no advantage to the column position being included in the bookmark, but I can imagine scenarios when returning the edit cursor back to the column would be quite handy, such as when the intent of the bookmark involves a particular spot in a lengthy regex pattern.

An interesting concept based on this would be history jumping. I don’t know our history code well enough but it must store position location in the file. We could do something like browsers do and show the last X number of historical positions and allow people to jump to one of those.

If the information is available we could even display line number and column position in the menu item being selected.

  • Carey

Those could be valuable features.