Blinking komodo

My editor window blinks noticeably every time I save. Anyone else seeing this?


I haven’t seen this. Try seeing if it happens with the default skin.

Yeah, it seems to be the skin. What the hell would cause that, I wonder?

No idea, but I have no intention of updating Spacemodo. I’ve started a new skin which addresses the issues Spacemodo was trying to fix more directly, it’s called Tabula Rasa.

If you liked Spacemodo you can use the Spacemodo color palette for Tabula Rasa, or you can use one of the other color palettes available.

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Yeah, Tabula Rasa is awesome :stuck_out_tongue: (Do you remember my perfect rainbow flat ultra super material design colors for it, Nathan? :smiley:)

it was actually oceanmodo; spacemodo doesn’t work.

Oceamodo is my work but I also don’t want to support it anymore. Use TabulaRasa with Spacemodo color palette instead. I think I’ll remove my repository or delete it from Packages.

Don’t delete it, people may still like it or may want to fork it.

Hmm, okay.