Blinking horizontal scroll bars in RX Toolkit


I’ve started using the RX Toolkit in Komodo IDE 11.1 for Mac. It’s great, but the horizontal scroll bars under the ‘Regular Expression’ and ‘Search Text’ windows continually blink about every half a second though which gets really annoying on the eyes after a short while. Is there a fix?

Many thanks,

Hi @pemcg,
Is it the scrollbar or the text area that is blinking?

  • Carey

it’s the scrollbar slider, thanks, and I’m using the ‘Classic’ color scheme if it makes any difference.

Can you double check that it still occurs when you restart in Safe Mode? Help menu > Troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode

I’m not seeing this on my Mac with Komodo 11.1.

  • Carey

Yes it’s the same in safe mode.

I’m running macOS High Sierra on a 2015 MacBook Pro if that helps

Here’s a screenclip:

Can you confirm that when you started in Safe Mode Komodo started with the default colour scheme?

There is something odd about those scrollbars for sure. They look like native scrollbars but we don’t have those in Komodo. Can you do a video like the last but in Safe Mode?

  • Carey


Yes it did start in the default blue colour scheme. I’ve actually just installed Komodo 11.1 afresh on a new laptop, and even with the ‘Classic’ colour scheme I no longer see the problem (and the slider bars are a different style, matching the vertical slider bars now).

I’m happy that this is resolved by the re-installation.

@pemcg, I guess it was a OS preference that was set then that was forcing Komodo to use native scroll bars? I’m not sure. Thanks for confirming and letting me know you’re sorted now.

  • Carey