Better minimap

I switched back to Komodo now from Visual Studio because it lags and crashed all the time. But one feature that I liked there was minimap scroller. Instead of “Sublime style” code preview minimap, which I find useless, it shows change tracking, same as on left side in Komodo, but for whole document. It is very usefull instrument, you look on a scrollbar minimap and you see parts where you’ve been making changes. And you can Shift+Click to go where you need. It also shows error marks, bookmarks, active line and your curent position. It would be awesome to have this style of minimap in Komodo.


Nice idea! Open an enhancement request?

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I thought Github is only for bugs?

Nope, for enhancements as well.

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I asked for this too :slight_smile:

I’d like to do more with minimap as well. Thank you for the reminder @Maestra_Powers.

And @Defman is correct, github is for bugs and enhancement requests. I for one would not want to have to maintain two tracking systems.

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You should update the main forum pages then. Quotes from

  • Feature Ideas: Got a cool idea for a feature or enhancement that Komodo could implement? Let us know here. You can also vote for ideas other people have shared.
  • Report a Bug: Please report your bugs on github, the forum is for general support and troubleshooting only.

So there’s no hint to report feature reuests on github - with the text above you are encouraged to report feature requests within the forum

That forum was added after @careyh’s post. We use it to record high level feature ideas and let people vote on them

So it’s still unclear for me where to add feature requests … How could I know my feature request is a high level feature idea and worth to be/should be discussed/voted here first?

If we really like an idea we will take it into our planning anyway. Hardly ever do we plan features on github, they are planned internally on our internal timelines. Github is primarily for bugs and minor enhancements.

As for seeing its worth, thats a mix between us doing our own evaluation and the amount of votes a feature gets.