Best way of reporting occasional random crashes?

@nathanr What is the best way to report crashes in situations where I can’t seem to reproduce them reliably? In working with the v9 release candidate this morning, I’ve had several crashes (three so far this morning) but I can’t necessarily tie them to something reproducible so that I can submit a bug report other than “it crashed”.

I typically don’t have applications submit crash notifications, but in this case if that is going to be the most useful to you and your team to track down the cause(s), I will do so.

If Komodo prompts you to submit a crash report pleeeease dooo. And make sure you add your email address if you want to follow up on it.

I can’t tell from your post whether or not you’re getting a “Submit Crash Report” dialog.

  • Carey

i’d love to see what the inbound queue on those looks like. I tend to submit crash reports whenever possible (like a dozen yesterday!).

A lot of people - myself included - see the process as “send email to /dev/null” because there’s rarely any feedback. You just sort of hope the bug goes away. (Apple crash reports are the worst of the bunch, but it’s pretty common for all apps that do it.)


Ouch, you compare us to Apple? We care about you! :smiley:

I agree I feel the same way when it’s someone elses program but I’m on the team and I know who get the reports…me and the rest of the team.

We don’t track people down who report issues though which would be why you feel that “/dev/null” hole in your soul.

As I said above, if you are concerned, make sure you attach your email and then ping us. We won’t ping you.

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PS. New Komodo nightly with fixes that should address the crashes or you can Help > Check for updates.

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And I confirm that. Probably all of the Komodo developers helps me in some situations. @careyh helps me with English, @nathanr helps me with configuring some of the Komodo stuff (such as komodo-website and other things), @toddw helped me with UDL constants but all of the developers helps me on the forum by providing a support and answering my questions :smile:

@careyh Yes, I am getting the “Submit Crash Report” dialog; I’ve submitted two so far today, one of which did have my email address attached to it. I will continue to push them through, although it has never been clear to me if they actually make it when I’m at work behind a firewall with rather draconian rules managed by Draco himself.

And I would echo @defman’s vouching for the extent to which the Komodo team has gone to help me over the years. “Unparalleled” is the first word that comes to mind in terms of their responsiveness and support.

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Well, I sure you using Komodo more longer than me but as for me I really like how Komodo developers helps me with solving my problems and answering my questions about Komodo IMO.

He was agreeing with you @Defman :wink:

Glad you guys enjoy our product/service :slight_smile:

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