Backup files?

I clicked on a file in the “Places”. Oddly KomodoEdit didn’t open it, saying that there was a problem with the file. It asked if I wanted to restore a backup. I said yes, and the file came back. I closed without saving, but still I could reopen the file later.

But the backup thing bothers me. Is KomodoEdit storing some backup of files somewhere I don’t know about? Where would that be configured?

Preferences - File Saving - Auto-recovery (check “Show All Settings” in left bottom of the prefs window).

I was about to say that I don’t have a Preference > File Saving section, until I realized the obscure “Show All Settings” checkbox at the bottom.

Two comments:

  • I understand how that we as developers like to add special values, such as “0” to disable auto-recovery, and it even makes sense: if you create recovery info every 0 seconds, then you have effectively disabled it. However, from a usability standpoint, there needs to be a separate checkbox to enable and disable auto-recovery. Perhaps you’ll add other options surrounding this feature in the future, such as the ability to specify a directory. Then would you say, “the absence of a backup directory means that we turn off the backups?” (In that case there would be two ways to turn it off.) My point is that it’s better to have a separate checkbox to turn this on and off, and make 0 an invalid backup interval if it is turned on. (I would file a feature enhancement but I’m tired of filing bugs for the day—I need to get some work done.)

  • I’m not sure how I feel about the “Show All Settings” option. There aren’t many settings to begin with, and the filter field (very nice—like Eclipse and Firefox!) makes it unnecessary to some extent.

OK, I’m going to go try to do some work. Have a nice day, and thanks for pointing out where the setting is.

This is a valid point, since this is such a tiny UX issue I will simply say I’ll take it into consideration for when next time I am working on something that relates to this. It doesn’t warrant any dedicated time investments from my point of view.

I respectfully disagree. The preferences dialog is huge for new users if this was not enabled by default.

Fair enough.

Thanks for considering the checkbox for backup disabling.

For this one there exist an issue on github (for the 9.9.3 milestone)