Background color of Open Files Widget

On a windows machine the background color of the open file widget seems to be the same as the highlighted one. Is there a way to change that? Could’nt find it in the preferences.

Best, walter

In general, you can’t change this kind of things from Preferences (apart from selecting a complete theme). But it can be done manually.

The DOM Inspector add-on shows that file in focus has two attributes others don’t (selected and current):

<richlistitem xmlns="" class="file-item" id="{89b06459-d4ed-4177-a0db-b8af33f53234}" tooltiptext="/path/to/file" selected="true" current="true">...</richlistitem>

No idea of the difference, but that should allow you to set specific styles using CSS rules in the userChrome.css file.

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hi avaro,
thanks a lot for your quick response. I was’nt aware of the userChrome.css.
Best regards,

Note you can also use Stylish to tweak the styling of Komodo.

Regardless, I’ll make sure the contrast between elements for the Open Files widget is improved in future version of Komodo.

Hi nathanr,
thanks for the hint tweaking the komodo UI! Changing the backgrund-color for the id-selector file-item[selected=“true”] via the userChrome.css already solved my problem. The possibilities to customize komodo are really great!!