Automatic Language & Keyboard Accents Help

This is driving me nuts. For some reason all of a sudden Komodo (only Komodo) is automatically stepping through and changing “a”, “e”, “o” and other characters to their accented language based versions while I type. Its really messing with my workflow.

I looked through preferences to shut off this behavior but couldnt find an option. I have confirmed it is not my windows settings as Ive gone through enough online guides to ensure this isn’t happening anywhere else, just Komodo.

Please help.

@Lucas_James, try safe mode; Help > troubleshooting > Restart in Safe-Mode.

If that doesn’t help, what’s your OS + Version and Komodo version + type (IDE or Edit) and what have you tried to confirm that it’s not Komodo?

  • Carey

I figured it out. I had accidentally installed a Vietnamese language package. Uninstalled and it fixed it Lol.
Thank you.

I laughed out quite loudly as well haha. Glad you got it sorted, @Lucas_James.

  • Carey