Autocompletion / code hints doesnt work

Code completion and code hints isnt working for php, very frustrating and has been the case since about a month after i purchased

@WrittenInFilm, we need more details before we dig into this at all but to start you could try Help > Troubleshooting > Reset Codeintel. When Komodo restarts, watch the Notifications pane (View menu > Tabs & Sidebars > Notifications) to be sure Komodo has finished scanning the stdlibs for PHP and your code base.

Standard info:

  • Exact Komodo version Help > About Komodo
  • OS and Version
  • PHP version
  • Basic code sample that should work but doesn’t


I ended up just reinstalling komodo and deleting the files in appdata to fix it

Sounds good. Help > Troubleshooting > Reset Codeintel try that next time (hopefully there is no next time though).

  • Carey