Autocomplete short-open tag: Change to safe open and close tag

When typing <?, Komodo IDE autocompletes as the short-open tag <? ?> - how do I change the behaviour to safe open and close tag <?php ?> ?

I have looked everywhere, but I cannot seem to find the correct setting.

@jmgrafixx, there isn’t a way to configure code intel to include php in that completion. Sounds like you’re opening a text file and changing it to PHP though? If you use Ctrl (CMD on OSX) + Shift + N you can open a PHP template which will have the desired code.

  • Carey

Thanks, Carey. But no, I am not changing a text document to PHP as all my documents are PHP straight-through.

It is not having the desired code when creating a new PHP template as it does not change the autocompletion when typing a php block, which at this stage is such an annoyance that I have decided to switch to another PHP IDE instead.

Thanks for the feedback.

@jmgrafixx, I don’t understand. The PHP template has exactly what you’re looking for. Open a file using the method I specified and you’ll have what you need.

  • Carey

Sorry, I have uninstalled Komodo IDE as I am using another IDE now. But your reply does not make sense as my problem is not for creating a new PHP template. As I said, the problem lies when I start typing my php code block as <? then Komodo IDE autocorrects the clock to <? ?> but I want it to autocorrect to <?php ?> and NOT <? ?>. I want to use the PHP safe open and closing tags (<?php ?>) instead of the short open tag (<? ?>) as the safe open and closing tags are the more standard practice.

Therefore, my problem is not by creating a new PHP template but the way Komodo IDE autocorrects my code when I start typing <?

oh my apologies, I thought you were in new files. These are new tags throughout existing files, nevermind then. Thanks for clarifying.