Autocomplete not working python 3 komodo 12

Komodo 12, Windows 10, Python 3.

Code completion does not appear to be working. For example, the entry of either ‘print’ or ‘match’ produces no info. I have used Komodo for TCL\TK without a problem in this regard and comparing experience here with VS Code relative to Python

No issues with debugging or running.

Attached are images of the Preferences properties.

I have used Komodo since version 8

Any assistance would be appreciated. Do not want to use VS Code if possible.


Hey @rickh, my first guess is just that Code Intel didn’t have a chance to finish scanning. Did this start to work in the interim from when you posted?

If not, lets see your logs, Help menu > troubleshooting > View log file.
And your code intel logs which are in your Komodo Profile Folder, codeintel3.log file.

Also provide a minimal code sample that repros the issue, no screenshots for this obvs.

Thanks for the response. However, Komodo will have to be reinstalled. At this point, I am going to use VS Code to complete python education.

FYI: had only created one python program, ie one file. So, not a lot to scan. After, open a file from the tutorials.

<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:26,016] [INFO] codeintel.db.database: Database initialized
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:26,016] [INFO] codeintel.scanner: Starting threaded file scanner.
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:26,016] [DEBUG] SocketServer: Initializing SocketServer
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:31,019] [INFO] Server: Started CodeIntel server on port: 65160, pid: 7740
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:31,019] [DEBUG] SocketServer: Starting handle loop
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:40,290] [DEBUG] service: Summarizing C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\12.0\samples\python_tutorials, depth: 10
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:40,306] [INFO] peewee: Slow query, 16 ms
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:40,306] [INFO] peewee: (‘SELECT “t1”.“id”, “t1”.“path”, “t1”.“created” FROM “file” AS t1 WHERE (“t1”.“path” IN (?, ?, ?, ?))’, [u’c:\\users\\alice\\appdata\\local\\activestate\\komodoide\\12.0\\samples\\python_tutorials\\’, u’c:\\users\\alice\\appdata\\local\\activestate\\komodoide\\12.0\\samples\\python_tutorials\\helloworld.html’, u’c:\\users\\alice\\appdata\\local\\activestate\\komodoide\\12.0\\samples\\python_tutorials\\’, u’c:\\users\\alice\\appdata\\local\\activestate\\komodoide\\12.0\\samples\\python_tutorials\\’])
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:35:40,306] [DEBUG] service: Scanning C:\Users\Alice\AppData\Local\ActiveState\KomodoIDE\12.0\samples\python_tutorials, depth: 10
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:36,525] [DEBUG] SocketServer: Client disconnected
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:36,525] [INFO] ServiceThread: Client Disconnected
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:36,525] [DEBUG] SocketServer: Finish called
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:41,592] [DEBUG] SocketServer: SocketServer: stop called
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:41,592] [DEBUG] SocketServer: RequestHandler: stop called
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:41,592] [INFO] codeintel.scanner: Stopping threaded file scanner…
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:41,592] [INFO] codeintel.scanner: Threaded file scanner stopped.
<1643178926> [2022-01-25 23:39:42,608] [INFO] Server: Exiting

No problem. VS Code works great for Python code. I recommend making the effort to learn MyPy/Pylance/Pyright. The type checking is a life saver.

  • Carey