Autocomplete for slim framework dependency injection

So I am usingSlim Framework. Not it supports Dependency Injection. Now komodo edit fails for showing autompletes for these.
Example code

$app = new Slim();
$app->helper = new Helper();

Now I should be able get suggestion for


but nothing happens.

thank you

Unfortunately a lot of PHP frameworks resolve their dependencies at runtime, which makes it impossible for an IDE to interpret your code without running it.

To get around this you could create a file that statically defines your code structure, this file is then picked up by your IDE but your project itself does not use it. For example have a look at

Whilst the author defined a specific IDE in his repo title it really isnt an IDE specific “hack”. It would work with any IDE that does some type of code intel.

I already tried something like this, but no luck yet.

@nathanr can you create sample code for me. just one function to how me?

Hi @smstoharpreet,

There is an example file in the repo:

Could you post what you’ve tried and perhaps we can assist you in figuring out where you might have gone wrong.

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##My file Structure

I am creating this helper file as auto/autocomplete.php
Classes created in Library and Model folder need to be accessed in dependency injection.
Since my code was

$app = new Slim();
$app->helper = new Helper();

this $app variable does not have any helper property by default, this is how SLIM allows to give to it on the fly.
so made the file like

* @property Helper $helper
class Slim {}

I did try the methods too, but no luck with them as well.

Thats it.
But it did not work.

Seems we’re a bit more explicit about what format the phpdoc should be in; this works -

 * @property Helper $helper
class Slim {};
class Helper {};

$app = new Slim();

I’ve opened a bug to support this without phpdoc:

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@nathanr i spent whole day waiting on Slim IRC
here is the solution

saved this fill as APP.php ans saved it under Library folder.

Applying the solution posted above.
I still have problem.
The autosuggest works fine when I do

use Library\App;
$app = new Library\App();
$app->helper-> // this shows autosuggest/autocomplete

but not with

use Library\App; 
$app = App::getInstance();
$app->helper-> // does not show anything

please help.

I just solved this by creating just _ide_autocomplete.php file in the project root where I just created a dummy class with all the slim container key as property.
Then in my routes, in the beginning I just put a phpblock like this
/** @var Dummy $this */

My source codes are articles are in