Autocomplete for php/laravel not always working

let’s assume you are editing a function inside a class that has a typed parameter, like this

// a specific example of "table migrations" of laravel framework    
public function up(){ 
    Schema::create('test', function (Blueprint $table) {
        $table->string('testtest'); //you get no hints for the ->string from the Blueprint class here

the problem with komodo is that when you start typing $table->s… you get no autohint on public function “string” of the class “Blueprint”, even though if you go to the Blueprint in the function parameters and jump to definition by pressing ctrl+j, it successfully opens the file with all of its methods listed

komodo did give me autocomplete hints in some cases in other classes but not here. why is this so? is this not a basic example of autocomplete?

Hi, it appears we missed this case for our codeintel engine. Would you please file a bug report with this information? That way we can incorporate a fix in a future release. Thanks so much!

thanks! submitted