Autocomplete does not work

So, I have just installed Komodo Edit 8.5.3 and when I code in HTML, JavaScript or CSS, I do not see the autocomplete or code intelligence work.

I went to the Preferences and so on and these features are activated, but they are not working. Why? Thank!

What are you want to see? jQuery, HTML5 Actocomplete? Where are your log? Help - Troubleshooting - View log file.

Could you provide a code snippet to showcase your problem? (indicate where you expected to see an autocomplete popup but didnt).

Well I write for example a code, there is no calltips or whatever. For example, if I write "<input type="text"....", normally a decent autocomplete will suggest me some types of input we have in HTML but I am not getting. Even CSS is the same.

Moreover, I see something like “Pre-loading code intelligence database” below the program and it keeps loading. I also do not notice mistake in codes as well, for examples if I do not close a tag or miss something like curly braces etc, it does not notify me of mistakes. I do not know if there is such functionality in Komodo Edit, but if there is, then I am not getting.

Could you post your log file? Help > Troubleshooting > View Log File

I do not know if there is something useful in the log file but here it is:

[2014-07-01 18:38:55,094] [DEBUG] places_js: waiting for document complete
[2014-07-01 18:38:55,513] [WARNING] root: ko.findresults was already loaded, re-creating it.
[2014-07-01 18:40:14,154] [WARNING] codeintel.db: `db/stdlibs/python-2.6’ already exists and should not: removing it

Are you certain that is all of it? Generally log files are a bit longer than that.

This is a long shot (given that your linter doesnt work either), but try removing your codeintel database folder from your profile folder, this should force Komodo to re-generate it. Ensure Komodo is not running while you delete the folder. Information on locating your codeintel database folder can be found here:

Scroll down to the “codeintel/” entry (sorry anchor links are broken atm).

Sorry, I see only these folders whe I open the Komodo Edit folder in Program Files

Go to:

Your codeintel folder is in your profile folder, @Defman21 posted the correct path for Windows (it is also in the article I linked to).

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