Autocomplete directory scan bugs

I am facing multiple issues with directory scans even after updating to version 10.1.1 of Komodo Edit. The previously reported bug where notification won’t close is still present. One of the notification gets stuck if we switch to another program or click on notification. Clicking close button doesn’t help.

The scan starts with ‘scanning one directory’ message and stays at 0% for 4-5 minutes. After waiting for some time it starts scanning specified directories.

In order to close the stuck notification we have to restart Komodo Edit which triggers the scan again. Which reminds me of other thread where OP asked if scan results aren’t cached. To which Mitchell replied

mitchell Komodo Developer 18d
Codeintel wants to ensure its database is up to date, in case any code has changed from the last time you opened the project. I think this is expected behavior.

Is it not possible check hash of directories which will save a lot of time and use previously cached results if directories are unchanged?

Hi, it’s worth pointing out that the percentage indicator is not indicative of progress. I believe it calculates that number based on the number of scanned files in the current directory being scanned. Then when it moves into a sub-directory, the progress goes back to zero. From what you are describing it sounds like it’s taking a long time to scan directories with single files. (You won’t see the short 0 to 100% before the transition to the next directory, and 0% again.)

You asked if it’s possible to “check hash of directories”. I don’t understand what a directory hash is. I believe codeintel uses file modification times in order to be more efficient, but I’m not exactly sure how. Regardless, we’ll be trying to improve codeintel in a number of ways in the coming months, and we’ll try to address scanning inefficiencies. Thanks for bringing it to our attention once again.

I’m not sure that you can calculate hash for directories - they are not files.

Hey Mitchell,

How do I manually initiate a codeintel scan of my project when using Komodo IDE?

I added additional PHP libraries using composer into my PHP project. But then I couldn’t use autocomplete when using the new library. It was Guzzle btw.

So Komodo didn’t automatically run the codeintel scan. Then some time later (maybe an hour), suddenly it started up and updated itself.

Would be good to know how to tell it to scan when we actually know it needs scanning.

Is this possible?

Thanks Mitchell.


Hi Damo, try closing and then re-opening your project.

Thanks Mitchell. I’ll try that next time.