Autocomplete/call tips for custom perl mod?

I have some custom perl modules accessed by a lib statement. Is there any way to get autocomplete and call tips to work with these modules?

Hi, add them to Edit > Preferences > Languages > Perl > Additional Perl Import Directories.

Thank you

So I did this, but autocomplete still isn’t working the way I want, and maybe it’s call tips rather than autocomplete I’m looking for. On Komodo 8.5, when I would require a module from ppm, say Date::Manip, when I would start typing one of the functions in that package, like ParseDate, it would start showing me a list of matching functions that I could double-click to insert, and it would also show me a list of the arguments required by that function. That was very handy and I would like to have the same for my custom modules too. However I notice that 11.1 is not doing this even for the ppm modules. Instead the calltip box gives variables, etc., already in the code. All the features in code intelligence are enabled and under editing so are show completions while typing and show calltips while typing.

Hi, after some investigating I think the issue you are experiencing falls under an active ticket: It also appears to fall under a new ticket that I’ve just filed: Sorry for the trouble :frowning: