Autocomplete after hitting "enter"

Using Komodo 11.1.0, when I enter " { " in css and hit “enter”, it inserts an autocomplete suggestion :

a {-moz-appearance}

Is there a parameter to prevent the auto-adding the autocomplete suggestion when hitting “enter” ?

The original idea to bypass completions was to hold Shift when you press enter if you don’t want completions so you could do that but this looks more like overly aggressive suggestions. Technically it’s ok that they are suggested in that context but it would be better if it was on a new line.

I believe we had a ticket about overly aggressive suggestions…(looks for ticket)…I can’t find it. I’ll make a new one:

So, for now the only option is to use Shift with Enter to skip the code intel suggestions.

  • Carey

Great !
Didn’t knew about the “shift” trick. I was instead using “escape”, then “enter”.
“shift-enter” is a bit faster.