Autoabbrevations autoinstall extension

Is it possible to have an extension that will add autoabreviations to the users profile upon install instead of using a manual method?

You would still need to install the extension.

What you could do is provision a default profile in the folder that Komodo looks for them.

You can also import entire folders of toolbox items: View > Tabs & Sidebars > toolbox: click the gear icon > Import folder from filesystem.

  • Carey

@careyh what i’m try to do is to avoid the user of the add-on from installing manually the abbreviations but as part of the install to copy the abbreviations from the add-on to the users home profile so that they are available from the abbreviations folder on the right hand panel.

It’s possible to programmatically create anything in the toolbox if that’s what you want to do. Check out this code in the koextgen module:

  • Carey

its close but it’s not apart of the install process.

The process should be something like:
User installs add-on
komodo detects abbreviations in the package
copies files from package to users home abbreviations directory

That is what the code @careyh linked to does. Komodo does not natively import toolbox items that come packaged inside addons.