Auto complete is frustrating at best

Since upgrading to 11 in January, code completion / intel has been a very frustrating experience. It has been something that I have just dealt with to get on with work, always with the hope that the next update would resolve these issues as I have seen similar bugs being tracked. Now that 11.1 is out, its more of the same…


  • python 2.7 / 3.6
  • paths defined on the project level
  • using virtual env


  • No tooltips. I have seen at most 10 tooltips in the last 6 months
  • Go to definition usually fails
  • Code completion within a class fails
  • useful completion of object defaults does not work anymore. ie - type “def __” would list default special methods
  • When a module is installed in a virtual env, I can see it being scanned in the notification panel, but typing something like “import d” does not list django

In the image below, there is nothing in this file but this class and completion does not show anything related to the class.

Any help with this would be appreciated.


Hi Tim, I’m sorry for the frustrating experience, the large amount of work on CodeIntel has paid dividends but also comes with its share of problems that we are actively addressing (see the recent 11.1 update).

Could you kindly log bugs that you encounter individually on our bug tracker? The forum is not the right medium for this. Filing it on the bug tracker ensures we are properly tracking these issue and they get prioritised accordingly.

Thank you!