Autcompletions Don't Auto-Cancel

When you type spa... for example - autocomplete will show “span” and if you type n after spa - you MUST press Enter to “complete popup abbreviations dialog” (close popup) and only after this you must type : to generate new popup with abbreviations.

That’s interesting, I had never really though about that. I’ve logged a bug report to address this issue -

Please feel free to open a bug report when you run into issues like this (remember to be as short and precise as possible).

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I thought this behavior by designed :smiley: But If it’s a bug, okay.

It’s probably by design, but “design” can always be improved. In this case I think the suggested UX would be more sensible.

Sorry for stupid question, but what is UX?

User experience

Moved to new topic, dont want to derail the other one.