Are bugs being actively fixed in Komodo 8.5?


I’ve been a long time customer. I started using their visual python product back in 2003. I was working with a company that uses Pycharm so I had to swtich to that for awhile. Now that Pycharm isn’t required, I’m switching back to Komodo because I just like it better. There’s a really annoying bug that’s going to force me to swtich back.

It was reported back in November It’s still marked as unconfirmed. A couple of weeks ago I figured out that the problem was caused by using the Windows 7 medium font size. I added comments to the existing bug report but haven’t heard anything on it. I even dropped a short email to toddw but got nothing back.

Are they still fixing bugs in Komodo 8.5? I’m a little disappointed in ActiveState for not responding in any way. I’m sure everyone is busy but so am I. I took time to help trace the problem down to make the job easier and I don’t even get an automated response.

Yes they definitely are - you can download an 8.5.4 nightly with a host of bug fixes here:

Please keep in mind that the bug tracker is for the developers; it is not a support section where we help people with their problems, it’s a place for us to manage our bug queue and have people contribute by reporting bugs. We will not always respond when it is not relevant to do so.

That said it does happen from time to time that a bug gets burried, in which case bringing it back to our attention like you are doing now is much appreciated.

Bugs are definitely getting fixed in Komodo 8.5.x. Sometimes if we cannot reproduce the problem, then it takes long(er) time to find it.

BTW, nightlies are now on version 8.5.5 and we’ll be making an offical 8.5.4 release later this week (containing a bunch of accumulated bug fixes):