Application always asks for FTP credentails

Every so often the application will randomly ask for FTP credentials. I was wondering how we can get the credentials to save.

When you click cancel, several error messages pop-up making the application useless.

Did you save your credentials under Preferences > Servers?

There is no check box to save credentials. But I did fill out my FTP information and click add/save. It’s not all the time, but it’s random. Having to go fetch credentials takes a real long time and that’s what IDE’s are for.

This certainly sounds like a bug but we need more information than “but it’s random”. If you can lock down the steps that reproduce the issue that will great increase our ability to diagnose and fix the issue.
eg. What are you doing when it happens? Opening a project? Opening Komodo? Opening a single file?

Couldn’t hurt to try a different, more secure protocol like SFTP.

  • Carey

It’s when changing FTP sites. It might be a plugin that I am using. I will let you know my findings.