Anyway to change the red round breakpoint icon to a nicer looking one?


Is there a way to change the red breakpoint icon to something nicer-looking like the one found in XCode? I’ve used many IDEs and, seriously, Komodo IDE has one of the most hideous breakpoint icons around. But, everything else about it seems quite nice though.

I’m using Ubuntu Mono as my default font; on a 15" Macbook Pro retina running Mac OS X 10.10.1.

Can someone guide me on how to change it?
Thanks much.

Ok, I did some poking around and finally figured out how to change it.

The images are in komodo.jar under chrome://. It’s not even a gif, it’s a xpm. I extracted both the breakpoint_enabled.xpm and breakpoint_disabled.xpm files, modified their C arrays and updated the komodo.jar with the new xpm files. Restart Komodo IDE 8 and I have my new breakpoint icons.

Cool, now I’ll buy it.