Any way to sync Komodo settings across multiple installations?

this is my first post so let me send my greetings to all the community members.

Now the question: is there any way to keep Komodo settings in sync across multiple installations?
It would be great to have all the changes I make on the laptop reflected on the desktop and viceversa, including extensions/add-ons installed

Thank you

Just set up sync on all Komodo installations via Tools - Set up Sync...

Thank you and sorry for having asked a stupid question.
I searched the forum but not the docs!

Don’t worry about it, I’m happy to help regardless of the question :wink: (Like a lot of users on this forum).

Thanks again, definitely :smile:
Point is that now the sync option is up but doesn’t work 100% as the tools are not sync’ed. I also checked the logs and the last lines are

2014-10-26 16:21:54 DEBUG getAllIDs called
2014-10-26 16:21:54 INFO 0 outgoing items pre-reconciliation
2014-10-26 16:21:54 INFO Records: 0 applied, 0 reconciled.
2014-10-26 16:21:54 DEBUG Telling ToolboxService to refresh /Users/gvoc/Library/Application Support/KomodoIDE/8.5/tools
2014-10-26 16:21:54 DEBUG Total (ms): sync 134, processIncoming 1, uploadOutgoing 0, syncStartup 104, syncFinish 29, reloadToolbox 29, trackChangedFiles 103, getChangedIDs 0, syncCleanup 0
2014-10-26 16:21:54 Service.Main DEBUG Exception: Some engines did not sync correctly No traceback available

Any idea?


Did you have free space? (Tools - Sync - Preferences... - Manage Accout - View Quota)

The dialog says:

You are using 0% (122 KB) of your allowed 25MB.

There are also some sizes per category (Preferences, Project templates, etc) but it seems strange to me that there is not size for Preferences and Tools

Lol. I have same bug. I think you must file it in