Any alternative download location?

I’m in China, the default download location has been completely “walled”. (Thanks for the hardworking of the god damned fking Great Fire Wall :rage: :confounded: :sob: )

Currently our downloads are offered up via Akamai (a CDN), it’s pretty surprising that China would block this, Akamai is pretty damn big.

I’ll ask our sysops to disable the CDN, as we generally only use this during large releases so we can handle the load. You should be able to download Komodo again in a few hours.

Wikipedia is pretty damn big too, but in Russia it could be blocked at any time. The “size” of the service won’t make any sense if the head of a country want to block it :frowning:

Sure, but akamai is big in the sense that a large portion of the internet actively depends on it.