An ambiguous X

this is a little issue I found today on the bottom pane, you can have many tabs, sometimes they cover the pane and something like this happen:

As you can see every tab has an X to close it, but the last X is to hide the pane, not the tab.

I would like to customize the “pane X” to make it different to “tab X”.

(And I would like to recommend to change it in future Komodo versions too).

There’s an arrow that you can click on to scroll through the tabs you’ve opened. The X thing will be there.

Yes, I don’t want to remove the X, I want to make it “different” to avoid ambiguity, they are too similar for me.

Maybe changing the color, size or position :slight_smile:

I’ve run into this before. I think making the x slightly bigger, which to me implies that it’s for the “larger” scope in the UI.

I think this warrants an enhancement request.

  • Carey
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Hi there, could you please report this on our bug tracker? See nav bar above :slight_smile: Thanks!

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Done, posted here: