Allow to filter addons/extension by Komodo release version

I recently purchased Komodo 9.1 and found that many of the extensions/Add-ons are not compatible with 9.x. Please add a a way to easily filter the extensions (on your resources page) so only extentions compatible to a release shown and can be installed easily.

This is a suggestion for your website/resources page and not the product itself. Offocurse if it can detect in the product and shows only compatible to my release it is even better.

Komodo 9.2 will be removing the version limitation, instead it will just warn you ("this addon may not work properly with your version of Komodo… "). The min/max version stuff is inherited from our use of Mozilla, I’ve never been a big fan of it (the version requirements) as in most cases the addon will work fine regardless.

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But what about translations? They won’t work in new versions if they’re for old versions. How about add a new tag in install.rdf, like strictVersion? If it’s true, then Komodo must be in the range of versions which an add-on provides.