After Checkout I cant add or commit (GIT)

After the first succesfully checkout, Komodo cloned my private repository to the working dir. I checked the Create project after checkout option, i added my new project. After that when i click an file i cant commit.
Only i can use add option. When i try readd the file, SCC console add the file fine. After that i still can only add the file, and i cant use commit, pull, push etc…

I’ve figured out: I have to right click on the root folder, and i can use commit…

Hey @pitt,

I filed a bug based on your forum post but forgot to answer you :smiley:

You’re probably hitting issue #735. You just need to wait for Komodo to get the SCC information for you entire repo. Depending on the size of the folder, that can take up to 30 seconds. Thankfully it only retrieves the open folder and doesn’t happen recursively.

Just a note on you found solution, you do not have to use the root folder of the project. You can use commit anywhere in the project. You’re just running into a slow git command that Komodo is running. We’ll try to optimize that when we get a chance.

  • Carey

Thx carey!
If i right click either directory i can commit.
I still cant commit if i right click a file, i can use only add.

Is there anything your logs? Help > troubleshooting > View Log File.
I was seeing something that would have caused a similar issue but I fixed it while testing it and can’t reproduce the issue.

Are you getting SCC icons indicating if the files are commited, or need committing?

  • Carey