Adding folders and files in a project

I’m doing a HTML5 website as a portfolio for jobs application in web development. But I’m getting frustrated with the difficulties to add a folder when wanted to insert an image from that folder. It makes my task much difficult to complete. What should I do to load files from folders within a project?

Is this a Komodo question or an HTML question? If it’s an HTML question you’re in the wrong forum. If it’s a Komodo question, you can add a file or folder to a Komodo project by right clicking on the project name in the Places tab > Add > then choose what you like.

  • Carey

It’s a Komodo question. I can’t insert an image file on the project. I test the site on Chrome and the image doesn’t show up.

Could you explain step by step what you are doing? There is no reason why Komodo would have any effect on whether chrome is able to resolve an image that you defined in your code, unless I am miss-understanding your meaning.

I was trying to call the file Logo.gif from the folder at its location but when I check the result from Chrome, the image doesn’t appear at all. Here’s the sample of my task prior to the result:

<div id="Principal">
            <img id="Logo" src="Users/thierrydominique/Projects/AnimalerieBM/Images/Logo.gif" alt="logo"/>
            <h1 id="Titre">Animalerie Becs et Museaux</h1>

Your issue is with the way you are using your images, it has nothing to do with Komodo.

You’ll want to use a relative path from the root of your web server, eg. if the root of your web server is /Users/thierrydominique/Projects/ you should use the path /AnimalerieBM/Images/Logo.gif.

It might be better if you ask this question on Stackoverflow or a similar platform. Additionally I would recommend reading up on relative and absolute paths.

It works. Thanks.