Add Userstyle Tool

I’m currently missing a place where people can share there custom less snippets for customization.
I think many people have some cool customization snippets build in there themes or in there own color-schemes. Creating a custom less section would give us the ability to share our custom less snippets so everyone can enjoy them.

We could call it “Userstyles”, as that appears to be the term most widely used.

You can’t currently “install” custom less code can you? People would have to copy and paste which breaks the workflow of using Komodo Packages.

Could implement a means to “install custom LESS” or use something other than the Packages?

  • Carey

Good point @careyh. In the past I have played with the idea of adding a tool for custom styling snippets to the toolbox. Might be something to implement if enough people like this idea.

I think it would be cool if you’d be able to enable/disable/remove/preview Userstyles from Commando. So you search for e.g. “Hide quickstart” and there’s an Userstyle in Commando Packages scope that you can enable :slight_smile:

Note: imo it should not affect user’s color scheme in any form but being applied over it, like:

  1. Komodo’s CSS
  2. Color scheme’s CSS
  3. Userstyles

So it’s independent from what color scheme an user uses.