Add new fonts on Komodo Edit 8

I want to include new fonts on Komodo edit 8 to bring new dynamics on my HTML5 project. But I don’t know how to add a new folder containing those fonts?

You want to add a new fonts in Komodo Edit or what? All fonts loaded automatically from system fonts folder. But if you want to add a new fonts in your HTML project - you must learn a CSS rules (@font-face rule)

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A good resource for fonts for your web projects is google web fonts. Komodo is just an IDE, it does not provide you with fonts to use, nor does it limit you in the external resources that you choose to use.

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I did @font-face rule and it didn’t apply the font that I called for (JellykaWesternPrincess).
Here’s the action:

    font-family: 'JellykaWesternPrincess';
    url('Fonts/jellyka_western_princess-webfont.sgvz#jellyka_western_princess-webfont') format('svgz'),
    url('Fonts/jellyka_western_princess-webfont.svg#jellyka_western_princess-webfont') format('svg');
    font-weight: normal;
    font-style: normal;   

Are you seriously need woff,eot,sgvz,svg types of font?

I’d recommend asking this on Stackoverflow, they’re more geared towards helping you with general web dev questions.

These forums are primarily for support with Komodo itself.

For the record, I think you might need to use an absolute path for your fonts, as the paths you’re using would fail if someone goes to a subdir of your website root.

Well that’s what I learned in school although it’s quite confusing.

Works with CSS, I can say: you don’t need woff,eot,sgvz and svg types of font. This is extra traffic for users :smile: But @nathanr rights: you must asked questions like this on Stackoverflow or another sites like Stackoverflow. This forum only for Komodo Edit/IDE.

IIRC the browser will use the first font format that it can handle, so it shouldn’t cause extra traffic. Not 100% about this though, just going off of my impressions from playing with this in the past.