Add new dictionary (german) for spell checker in Komodo Edit 12

How can i add a new dictionary to Komodo Edit 12 on Mac OS Catalina or Windows?
I read somewhere else about adding Mozilla dictionaries, but the folders where not the same. thanx

Morning @arift,

[komodo-install-dir]/lib/mozilla/dictionaries exists. There is a pretty old post about this here:

The link to Thunderbird isn’t valid any more so I’m sure where you get the dictionaries from at the moment. It sounds like you found what you needed though and just don’t know where to put it. Could you share what you read? I’m not sure which folder you’re referring to when you say “but the folders [were] not the same”.

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Hi @careyh ,
thanks for the reply!

Yes, the Solution is the INSTALL DIR!
I was looking under the Profile folders and was confused.

Under Windows it is this folder:
*c:\Program Files (x86)\ActiveState Komodo IDE 12\lib\mozilla\dictionaries*

and on Mac it is in the app itself.

Finally after renaming the Mozilla .xpi dictionary file to .zip and
extracting both .aff and .dic files to the
[komodo-install-dir]/lib/mozilla/dictionaries and
switching the dictionary in the spell checker settings AND
RESTARTING Komodo it is working :smiley:

It would be nice to include this information in the Help files!

Thank you for the Help!

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