Add mirrors to download page

At now (date of create this topic) I’m trying to download IDE8.5 for Linux via and get a real slow speed (e.g. 50-100 KB/s). I think it caused by distance between Russia and place of server. Of course time length of downloading will be 1-2 hours, it’s a very big time for me. So can you create some mirrors for Komodo? E.g. Google Drive, Yandex Drive (for Russian users). I think it’s very logical act or not?

Thanks for reporting Defman, I’ll see if we can use a CDN for our downloads but it’s not terribly high on my priority list so dont expect this fixed by tomorrow.

Personally I don’t see it as a huge issue as you generally only download Komodo once every few months. If you are using the nightly then I would maybe suggest using a download accelerator for the time being.

Thanks. I don’t ask to do this today or tomorrow. Just a little request :smile: