Add left border to minimap?

How can I add a thin border between the minimap and the main document?

I find that when I have a long line of code that runs off the right side it seems to “disappear” since there is no visual separation between the document and the minimap. Totally just a personal aesthetic thing. In any case, some screenshots seem to show such a line (e.g. [here] 1), but others don’t (e.g. [here] 2). I don’t have it, but wish I did.

I figured out the answer to my own question, and thought I would post it, in case it is helpful to anyone else. I added the following to my userChrome.css file:
minimap {
background-color: #ddd !important;

For information on where the userChrome.css file goes, see here. This particular bit of CSS works because the minimap already has a left padding of 1px that allows the background color to be visible. This seemed safer than adding a border, which might change/mess up the overall layout.

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