Add custom folder(s) to xpi build list

Hi. I’m work on iconset. I’m create a
folder that contains icons. How I can add this folder to “build” list?
I’m trying to insert this line to chrome.manifest and chrome.p.manifest:

icons octicons jar:octicons.jar!/icons/

But it’s not work. When I build extension - I can’t see koext: running 'cp -R icons build/jar/icons’How to?

You’ll want to create a “contents” folder and place your icons in there, see example:

Okay, thanks.

I must create jar file that contains “/skin/icons/” folder with my icons? Or what? I don’t understand :frowning:
At now I have this structure:

----myicon.png (just for test)

it’s not work.

To make it easier on yourself, just copy this directory:

Rename entries where relevant and replace icons with the ones you want to use.

The koext build command does take an -i command line flag - to allow additional directories.

But in this case, I think the icons should reside under the top-level skin folder:

 - myext
   - skin
     - icons
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I don’t think a skin folder can contain a .jar (koext doesnt copy it over), that’s why I’ve put them in contents. Either way for defman’s use-case it would be simpler to just copy the structure that exist.

@toddw, I’m trying to create a structure that you offer(or write).
@nathanr, if @toddw’s method does not work, I’m just copy “iconset_dark” and replace icons :smile:

Todd has not described a method, he merely suggested a structure for your folders. Simply using that structure will not make things magically work :wink: You should just copy the “iconset_dark” folder and make your changes there.

Who know, who know…
Anyway, if I start eating cactus (lol), I’m copy “iconset_dark” and MAKE SOME MAGIC.

Ah, there are two different ways iconsets are used in Komodo - one is used for the Komodo Toolbox (i.e. for macros, snippets), which is what I was referring to, and the other is for UI theming (changing the main Komodo toolbar/menu icons), which is what Nathan is referring too.