Add Csharp (c#) autocomplete for Unity3D editing

I use Unity3D and the bundled editor is called MonoDevelop but it is a very slow editor (lags/stutters a lot) and also the autocomplete only works properly sometimes (mostly it is always missing suggestions that should be there or has no suggestions at all). As I am on a Mac, I do not have the ability to switch to Visual Studio which is the only other option for Unity3D right now.

Komodo Edit has been my editor of choice for a long time now, and I would like to add autocomplete feature to it for Unity3D Csharp C#.

Is there a tutorial or resources available where I can start looking at creating autocomplete and intellisense add-on?


Project - New From Template - Create Komodo Language and this guide can help you. Feel free to ask on the forums.

If you create a Unity add-on, please share :).