Add a rgba colorpicker to komodo

Is it possible to add a rgba color picker to komodo?

I guess no, the default (“John Dyer”) color picker supports rgba generally (and when you hold Ctrl and hover on an rgba color, the popup will use the transparency value for rendering), but it doesn’t allow to control the transparency (the <a> value in rgba(<r>, <g>, <b>, <a>))

Yeah, i know. But they don’t show the correct color in the preview, inside the colorpicker.
Was hoping there is a way to add a different color picker, true environment or a other way.

But if i understand, there isn’t anything out there.

If i look to the “Jhon Dyer” colorpicker it is a addon with the jhon dyer colorpicker with a XCOMP wrapper.
So i was thinking it would be possible to port colorPicker to a addon, its a pure javascript rgba colorpicker (no jQuery).
The only thing is i don’t know how to set up a XCOMP wrapper, is there some more information available how to set up such XCOMP wrapper for Komodo?

Leaving this to the pro’s. I think @nathanr has some experience in it.

Definitely possible. What I would do is override the relevant jhon dyer colorpicker files and modify them as needed.


Ok, Thanks guys, I will be lookin in to this…