About the Resolved category

This category remains here only for archival purposes. From now on resolved threads will be marked as solved without being moved to this category.

A lot of (about 50-130) topics has been moved under the Resolved category today. There are several reasons why I did it:

  1. The problem is fixed in Komodo 9.3 / not reproducible in Komodo 9.3.
  2. There’s no response in the post.
  3. There’s a workaround for the problem (so the problem isn’t a bug).
  4. The problem is fixed by a user (so the problem isn’t a bug).

There are some topics that I haven’t moved yet because they are feature requests that aren’t in the Issues of KomodoEdit repository. I’ll back on them later.

If you find a topic contains a resolved problem, please @mention or PM me and I’ll move the topic.

Thanks in advance,

  • Defman
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