Abbreviation setting is which notification set where?

Hello. A behavior that seems fairly new to Komodo IDE can be seen in this example (first screenshot): When I press Tab to go from column 1 to 5, a yellow popup in the lower right corner informs me that there is no abbreviation at the current position. I’m guessing it means that there is no stub of text that can be interpreted as an abbreviation to be expanded by my pressing Tab. I don’t see the point to this notification since not all Tabs should be interpreted as trying to expand an abbreviation.

To disable this odd behavior, I clicked the gear icon in the notification popup, and selected the sole menu item. I then went into my Preferences > Notifications, expecting at least one to be unchecked (so that I can keep track of which notifications I have disabled over time), but all are still enabled, for all three levels – INFO (second screenshot), WARNING, and ERROR.

I’m wondering, where is this abbreviation setting, er, set?

Hey @mjross, we don’t expose fine grained notification settings for each feature and I’m not sure off the top of my head which group that particular notification might be under. Sorry…that’s not very helpful!

  • Carey

@careyh No worries. Simply by clicking that menu item once, it’s gone. I tend to go overboard on the “save every single setting in my notes” mentality. :slight_smile:

Just did a quick search but is should be the tools category under the “warning”, if I look at the source code

@babobski Thanks for that. That appears to be correct, because now that option in Preferences > Notifications is unchecked for the WARNING level. I restarted Komodo this morning, so perhaps that screen isn’t updated until a restart.