Abbreviation for LaravelBlade

Hello everybody,
I would like to set abbreviations for LaravelBlade language in right way.

LaravelBlade is template language for PHP, abbreviations should be managed by current language, not by extension.
So when snippets are in “Abbreviations\LaravelBlade”… it should work, but it not.

“Abbreviations\PHP\LaravelBlade”, also tried and it not work too.
“Abbreviations\General\LaravelBlade” works of course, but there is possible collision of abbreviations.
I would like to take advantages of snippets on max level.
I`m wondering if there is some confusion with *.php extension and used LaravelBlade language.

Used Komodo IDE 8.5
Is there any way how make it work correctly ?

Hi @vilbur,

The way the abbreviations were implemented, they are indeed based on language as you’ve already noticed. Laravel isn’t a language though, it’s a PHP framework.

Is there a reason your snippets can’t go under Abbreviations/PHP without LaravelBlade?

  • Carey

I have LaravelBlade language addon installed.

…I made custom language for Autohotkey, and snippets in “Abbreviations\Autohotkey” woks pretty well…

So I’m trying to figure it out, why LaravelBlade does not.

Ahhh I see @vilbur. It’s hard to say. It sounds like the Addon is doing something wrong when implementing a language though.

It looks like auto abbreviations use koDoc.language to get the main language.

If the output of the following command doesn’t match the foldername you have in your Abbreviations folder then it won’t work.


Are you using Komodo 8.5? I’m hoping you’re using 9 at least…

  • Carey

You are probably right, it will be some bug of language.
Thanks for your time @careyh.

@vilbur, quite possibly yes. Any luck with the snippet of code I suggested you run in my last comment?

  • Carey